Our Ministry

The Sermon and Commentary Series grew out of Pastor Drew Worthen's passion to equip the saints for the work of ministry. Drew was “born from above” in the early nineteen seventies and his journey of faith included fifteen years in Christian broadcasting where he interacted with leading evangelicals to present programs committed to Biblical Truth and Apologetics. The Lord later called Drew to a twelve and a half year pastorate centered on Biblical exegesis with practical applications, which allows for those teachings to be made available through this site. Our prayer is that God will grow readers in their faith through the biblical teachings on this site so that they will become strong in their witness to the glory of God. In today’s postmodern world, the visible church increasingly mirrors the world as deceptive unbiblical teachings abound and confuse a biblical understanding of the faith. Those who stand firm in the Truth of God’s Word are increasingly being viewed as Rocking the Boat. While we still enjoy a measure of freedom in this country to lift up Christ and His absolute Truth, we offer the materials found here.